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Cheap EBooks for Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Peeking Duck (The Case Files of Icarus Investigations Book 2)

Peeking Duck (The Case Files of Icarus Invest...

There's trouble on the water, and the Icarus team is on the case to discover why a mysterious piece of cargo is so important and why everyone wants a piece of it.With the business faltering and Galveston's love life in shambles, Murphy is determined to get things back on track. Even if it means he has to knock some sense into a love...Read more...

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Cheap EBooks for Monday, February 12, 2018

Under a Tell-Tale Sky: After the EMP (Disruption Trilogy Book 1)

Under a Tell-Tale Sky: After the EMP (Disrupt...

531 reviews

A Desperate Journey In a World Gone InsaneWhen an EMP produced by a massive solar flare fries the electrical grid, Captain Jordan Hughes problems are just starting. Stranded far from home with a now-priceless cargo of fuel and a restless crew, Hughes weighs his options as violence worsens ashore and the world crumbles around the ...Read more...

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