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Cheap EBooks for Saturday, November 18, 2017

Ironheart: Anselm's Tale: A Novel Set in the Tales of a Traveler Universe

Ironheart: Anselm's Tale: A Novel Set in the ...

52 reviews

The fight for Edgeway is over. But, for many, the greatest battle has only just begun...Anselm is gravely wounded. Perhaps mortally so.Lost within his fevered dreams, he journeys back to the long-ago summers of his youth, to a time when the bonds of family and friendship had still been unbroken. Through the eyes of the boy he had be...Read more...

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Wolfsbane: Tales of a Traveler: Book Two: Wolfsbane (Time Travel Series)

Wolfsbane: Tales of a Traveler: Book Two: Wol...

121 reviews

Losing the twenty-first century was bad enough, but Martha Bigalow's situation is about to become a whole lot worse.Only days after her marriage to Vadim a handsome outlaw stalked by grim shadows of the past Martha is captured by his arch nemesis, the evil Earl of Edgeway.While awaiting her fate in a dank dungeon beneath Edgeway...Read more...

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Cheap EBooks for Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Blackbeard's Revenge (Voyages Of Queen Anne's Revenge Book 2)

Blackbeard's Revenge (Voyages Of Queen Anne's...

31 reviews

Praise for Book 1:"Kept me turning page after page to see what was going to happen." - Teressa J Betts"...Like a scene from a Indiana Jones movie." - Alycia TillmanRevenge is a powerful motivator.It turns the pious into sinners, the most timid to anger, and the most virtuous amongst us into cold blooded murderers. If used correctly,...Read more...

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