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Multitude: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller (Dimension Space Book Two)

Dean M. Cole

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Sequel to Solitude - ABR Listeners Choice: Best Sci-Fi of 2018

When an alien attack rips a hole in spacetime, can humanity s last two navigate looping dimensions to reverse the event and return life to the planet? Following the incredible events of Solitude, Vaughn and Angela must probe the depths of space and time to unravel and perhaps even reverse the enigma of humanity's disappearance. But first, they must get past themselves. If you enjoyed Solitude, you'll love the action and plot twists in this apocalyptic epic.

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Vaughn had visions of plying the seven seas with Angela at his side. Then she and fate crapped all over his plans. Bent on discovering the truth about what happened to humanity and the rest of the world's life, Angela drags a less than willing Vaughn across the Mediterranean and into central Europe. However, even the overhead presence of a line of levitating steel structures and ships couldn't prepare them for what lied ahead. The size and scale of what they find in Geneva rocks them to their cores.

Angela and Vaughn fall into the center of a world-consuming machine. While struggling to survive, they wander through a looping chain of utterly alien lands. When they finally deduce the true nature of their situation, Angela discovers a potential way out, not just for her and Vaughn but all of Earth's life.

Angela can bring back the whole of the human race!

But only if she and Vaughn can survive the journey home.

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What Your Favorite Authors are Saying About Dimension Space

"Like The Martian on (and above) Earth. An epic survival story with very human characters, clever problem-solving and a gripping mystery. The end left me with NO IDEA where Dean was going with the story, I couldn t wait for the next book.

Craig Alanson, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Expeditionary Force Series

"R.C. Bray and Julia Whelan are individually stellar. Having them co-voice Dean M. Cole's superb Dimension Space Series is a stroke of genius. Rich with elements of every genre, Solitude is an outstanding listen.

Nicholas Sansbury Smith, USA Today Bestselling Author of Hell Divers

What the Critics are Saying About Dimension Space

Goodreads Reviewer: "This is the best journey I have been on since The Stand ."Goodreads Reviewer: "Solitude is an up to the minute thriller that rivals The Martian for triumph and loss amidst seemingly insurmountable odds. AudiobookReviewer.com: "... so vivid, so intriguing ... RC Bray and Julia Whelan ... at the top of their game."Kirkus Reviews: "His vibrant prose delivers the high-resolution imagery of a Hollywood blockbuster."

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10/16/2018 12:00:00 AM
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