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Father (Family Values Trilogy Book 2)

Patrick Logan

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The sequel to the #1 Amazon bestseller MOTHER.
The swamp is a living and breathing entity, and once you enter, it will do everything it can to keep you there... dead or alive.

Kendra Wilson has seen her share of heinous crimes during her 12 year career as an FBI Agent, everything from brutal murders to the macabre. So at first glance, her newest case doesn't strike her as anything out of the ordinary an apparent murder/suicide... a man who killed both his wife and their four-year old daughter, on the eve of her birthday. To most, an unthinkable crime. To Kendra, however, it seemed old hat.

But this is not a cut and dry case, as the still cold glass of milk on the counter and the bloody scrawl on the refrigerator door will attest.

When reports of other missing girls start filing in, all with a strange connection to one central location buried deep in the swamp, Kendra realizes that the milk is only the beginning and that unraveling the truth underlying it all means not only delving into a crime committed more than four centuries ago, but digging deep into her own troubled past for answers.

And the truth is worse than anything even she could have imagined.

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Completely revised and re-edited, March 2017
Pathological Ink
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8/28/2016 12:00:00 AM
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