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Quinn Plays Ball: A private investigator mystery (Liam Quinn Mystery Series Book 10)

LH Thomson

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Play ball, Quinn... but look out for snipers in the top row.

In the latest of LH Thomson's mysteries, Liam Quinn's father heads to the Sunshine state to fulfill an old obligation. He won't tell the family what's up. That has Maureen worried, and soon Liam is traipsing through swamps, ducking fastballs and saving pitchers from certain peril. A corrupt owner and his darling daughter aren't making life easier, and a widow wanted the coach dead in the worst way. Things are a little high and outside... when Quinn Plays Ball.

Dear reader,

Thank you for trying my private detective thrillers! Quinn is an old-school private eye, but he can't use a gun due to his criminal conviction. If you'd like to try my work before you buy, you can 'send a free sample' of the book above to your device with the top-right button, or visit http://deathbytyping.com/getquinnoffer2/
for a free Quinn short story!

When was the last time you discovered a new fast paced thriller book for less than a cup of coffee?

Quinn Checks In is the first story in the series of Unlimited private detective novels, downloaded more than 300,000 times, with more than 650 five-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads! Ideal for fans of heist fiction; also for those who love mystery Prime reading by authors such as Taylor Adams, Jana DeLeon and Janet Evanovich!

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Number of pages
Publication date
1/7/2017 12:00:00 AM
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7/12/2019 4:07:07 AM