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Whose Bride Is She Anyway?

Dakota Cassidy

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Lights, camera, action! Join the cast and crew of reality TV show Whose Bride Is She Anyway? for a hilariously funny tale that will keep you turning the pages. The stage is set, the players are in place, and the cameras are rolling as an ex-cheerleader and two ex-geeks compete for love, marriage, and money a lot of money! USA Today bestselling romantic comedy author Dakota Cassidy's laugh-out-loud, tropical island battle Whose Bride Is She Anyway? is the most popular reality show on TV, featuring a bride, twenty potential hunk- o-licious grooms, a jury, and a whole lot of cash at the end of the matrimonial aisle.

The rules? Spend a month on a tropical island (as if you didn t know that), and let a jury of your peers and one high school friend choose your man for life. If you can manage to stay married for a year you get the booty.

A million bucks.

Tara Douglas doesn t care about the booty. Once taunted and humiliated for being an overweight geek, Tara is now a svelte thirty-something looking for revenge and it ain t as the bride.

The bride is Kelsey Little, ex Evanston High cheerleader and all-round bitch. Kelsey was responsible for Tara s ultimate humiliation in high school.

August Guthrie, a former dork himself, wants to win the woman he thought was his high school wet dream.

What could go wrong? Little things like sabotage, treachery, deceit, clandestine meetings, and an airtight contract that could leave you bankrupt with the paparazzi breathing down your neck for an eternity, that s what!

This contemporary romantic comedy contains adult language and situations, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Previously published (2006) Liquid Silver Books.
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