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Bad Blood: A Vampire Thriller (The Spider Trilogy Book 1)

J.R. Rain

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First in the Spider Trilogy of vampire thrillers, by bestselling authors J.R. Rain, Scott Nicholson, and H.T. Night!

When teenager Parker Cole approaches the dark and mysterious new student at night school, she figures he's just another goth wannabe. Little does she know how wrong she is...

Spider is an old vampire in a young body. He's done some bad things in his time, very, very bad things. Now, he figures it's time to do some good in this world. After all, he has to live with himself for all eternity. And who better to do good than a vampire on a mission?

He soon learns that Parker has big problems, two of them, in fact. Her father runs a bizarre cult at the foot of Mount Shasta, and her best friend had been drained of all blood. Even crazier, the two problems are somehow connected. Spider reminds himself that he's turned a new leaf on life, that he's committed to helping the weak humans...and not feast on them.

And so, perhaps against his better judgment, Spider delves into the mystery and heads to Mount Shasta to join the cult. Murder, mayhem, and more bodies await.

Just the way Spider likes it.

BAD BLOOD is fast, hilarious and sexy. Rain, Nicholson and Night just might have created the coolest vampire since Kiefer Sutherland. The Mount Shasta setting is dreamy. The cult is deliciously creepy. And Spider is as sexy as they come. I was pressing the ereader's 'forward' button so fast that I broke it. Let's hope we hear more from Spider."
H.P. MALLORY, #1 bestselling author of Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble

For fans of Shannon Mayer, Dannika Dark, and Michael Anderle! Over 200 worldwide 5-star reviews! Tens of thousands of downloads in this #1 bestselling supernatural series!

"I fell in love with Spider. The story is being told by the character himself and is fantastic. This vamp rocks." Amazon reviewer

"Just as alluring and gripping as the Sookie series. I read this book in a flash and I'm excited to continue the journey in the next." Amazon reviewer

"The book is fast paced, extremely entertaining, funny and I just couldn't put it down. Spider is my new hero!" Amazon reviewer

"Fantastic book!! Dark, mysterious and full of excitement!" Amazon reviewer

"I stayed up and read it in one sitting!! I want more!!" Amazon reviewer
Rain Press
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Publication date
9/26/2011 12:00:00 AM
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7/12/2019 12:07:04 AM