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Gruff Ass in Love (Hard, Fast, and Forever Book 3)

Sasha Burke

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She s the maddening, ridiculously cute trespasser who sneaks on my property to play with my rocks.
(No euphemism she really does just look at rocks.)

He s the grumpy, unbelievably handsome rancher who has the best rocks to study in the area.
(What on earth would rocks be a euphemism for?)

After months of resisting the urge, I finally haul her over my shoulder to escort her off my land.
Really, why I haven t done it before now is beyond me.

After months of being clueless, I finally notice that his land isn t the only thing hard around me.
Really, how it escaped my attention before now is beyond me.

She s so damn responsive.

He s so brawny and burly.

The next time she sneaks in, I m ready for her.

The next time I sneak in, he shocks the heck out of me.

To be fair, the woman is utterly injury-prone.

To be clear, the man has apparently lost his ever-loving mind.

I just want her to stay safe and out of trouble for a change.
For a few hours, tops, while I take care of some ranch things that can t wait.
So I cuff her to the bed.
And now I m wondering what the hell s going to happen next.

His constant alpha protectiveness is, yes, very sweet, but seriously?
I should be more outraged by this.
Really, I should be.
But now I m kind of curious what s going to happen next.

* * * * *

NOTE: This high-heat, low-drama standalone is a HOT, swoony rom-com chock-full of feel-good fun. Contents include: One gruff, rugged billionaire rancher. One feisty, nutty geology grad student. Lots of schmexy good times and steamy romance throughout. And of course, a sweet, melty HEA. No cheating. No angst. No stress. No cliffhanger. Enjoy!

* * * * *

- Book 1: Bare Ass in Love (Jason & Summer)
- Book 2: Hard Ass in Love (Logan & Nicole)
- Book 3: Gruff Ass in Love (Cade & Katelyn)
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2/23/2019 12:00:00 AM
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