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The Sour Taste of Suspicion: An Angel Lake Mystery (Walking Calamity Cozy Mystery Book 3)

CeeCee James

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A murder mystery surrounding a miniature dollhouse.

When Elise takes a position at spooky old Montgomery Manor as companion to her friend Lavina s great aunt, she s expecting an easy job for the holidays. What she doesn t expect are dead bodies, ghosts and a murderer who s picked her as the next target.

Delving into the secrets and tragedies of the past, her only clue is a doll s house from which pieces keep mysteriously disappearing. But what is the connection between the doll s house and the real one? Is Montgomery Manor really haunted, or is there something even more sinister afoot?

Elise will have to use all her all her ingenuity to answer the questions and fast, or she just might find she s the house s newest ghost
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12/4/2016 12:00:00 AM
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7/10/2019 12:07:05 AM