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Quest For Babylon's Soul: The Epic Search for The Gold Statue of God Marduk

Sonador Snow

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Two thousand years ago, a Persian general and his seneschal march through the dunes, leaving behind rivers of blood.

In 2011, the dark side of NATO s presence in Iraq pushes a local woman to flee into the night, clutching a golden vase to her chest.

Fast forward to today, where American archaeologist Diane Ryan discovers a mass grave in the hot sands of Syria. After calling English historian Geoff Symons for help with the dig, the two unearth an ancient clay plate.

Discover how the timeframes intertwine, how echoes of the past reach the present, and in the end - who will reach the gold statue of God Marduk?
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Number of pages
Publication date
12/21/2014 12:00:00 AM
Date last checked
7/10/2019 12:07:04 AM