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Chasing Abigail (The Restoration Series Book 2)

Renee Kinlaw

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Abigail Reese has been running since she was eight years old. Never finding a haven for her soul, she prides herself on being able to outrun everyone and everything that threatens her. No matter how far she runs, though, there is one she cannot outrun. Somehow, God seems to always catch up to her. Now, He has sent a very handsome preacher to trip her up.

Single and lonely, Pastor Michael Jennings prays for The One. He never expected the chase to be so hard. However, this feisty little woman God placed in his path is everything he needs. Breathtakingly beautiful, full of sassiness and spunk, she brings out the flirtatious side of him. Armed with the mission of catching Miss Abigail, Michael sets out on the race of a lifetime.

Their romance holds many challenges. The most prominent is the past she is trying to escape. With all that she pretends to be, Michael notices the darkness that hides beneath the surface. Will he be able to show her the truth of God s unrelenting love or will she run forever?
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12/31/2018 12:00:00 AM
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7/10/2019 12:07:03 AM