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Cataclysm of the Ancients: Archeological Adventure Thriller (Spire Novel Book 4)

Simon Rosser

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A terrorist bomb rips into Egypt's greatest monument...

A secret chamber is discovered, filled with ancient riches ...

Robert Spire is thrust into an archeological adventure and a search for an ancient relic - a powerful future technology. It must be found at all costs, but time is running out...

226 BC: Fall of the Colossus of Rhodes.

The mighty statue of the Greek Titan Helios stood proudly in the port of the ancient city of Rhodes, Greece. Built to celebrate Rhodes' victory over the ruler of Cyprus in 305 B.C., it is one of the tallest statues of the ancient world, until it is destroyed after only 56 years. Legend suggests the Colossus was destroyed by an earthquake...But legends can be wrong.

2015 AD: A Stolen C.I.A Document...

Langley Virginia: When CIA agent, Dr Vincent Kramer, is found brutally murdered in the facility's parking lot, it becomes apparent that his death is linked to a missing document that was stored in the agency's secret vault - A document detailing clandestine remote viewing experiments on the Great Sphinx in Egypt.

Yesterday: An Explosion Rocks the Sphinx...

Soon after the theft, an explosion rips into the Sphinx, revealing a secret chamber within the ancient historical monolith. Upon discovering that the events are linked, the UK's GLENCOM agency, keen to assist the Egyptian Government with the suspected terrorist attack upon one of the world's greatest historical monuments, sends their agent, ex-environmental lawyer, Robert Spire, together with archeologist and Egyptian-Greek mythology expert, Professor Casey Carr, to Cairo to investigate...

Spire and Casey soon make a remarkable discovery, one which leads the pair on an archeological hunt for the remains of one of the lost Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. A sinister and powerful group of terrorists are also searching for the ancient artefact however. A group who believe that if they discover the final resting place of the relic, they will also discover an ancient weapon more powerful than the Gods themselves...

Cataclysm of the Ancients is an unputdownable, gripping, ancient historical archeological mystery thriller with a terrorist theme. If you enjoy James Bond action adventures, Clive Cussler, Brett Battles and AG Riddle, you'll love the Spire Action Thriller Series.

Schmall World Publishing
Number of pages
Publication date
3/26/2015 12:00:00 AM
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6/12/2019 8:07:05 AM