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Sinful Temptations (Cynfell Brothers Book 6)

Samantha Holt

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When Lord Harris Cynfell is injured helping his twin brother rescue a damsel in distress, how does he get thanked? He s abandoned in a notorious den of vice.

Which happens to be owned by the most beautiful woman he s ever met the fallen Miss Anna Dubois.

Unfortunately, his Cynfell charm fails him and Anna appears immune to him. When he meets her again several months later, he can t resist having another try at cracking that icy fa ade. Even with his injury drawing pity from the lovely society ladies, he hasn t found himself interested in anyone else recently.

Anna is in London for one reason only to find the child she was forced to abandon all those years ago. She certainly isn t interested in Harris Cynfell, a notorious charmer and seducer. She s had her fill of charming men and if she managed to fight her attraction to him while nursing him better, she certainly is not going to give in now.

So why is it the attraction between them is so hard to fight? She s dealt with every type of man as they walked through her door at the den of vice she runs and yet Harris Cynfell seems to get under her skin and if she let him, he d certainly be under her bodice. After all her experiences with men, she knows he s not any different but when they share a passionate kiss, she can t help wonder would it be so harmful to indulge in a little pleasure with the handsome lord?
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4/20/2016 12:00:00 AM
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6/12/2019 8:07:02 AM