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Hello, Gorgeous!

MaryJanice Davidson

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The New York Times bestselling author of the Undead series returns with a fast-talking, hard-hitting, part-robot, completely irresistible new heroine.

I thought the worst consequence of a night out with the girls would be a hangover that is until a terrible accident, combined with a secret government project, left me half-dead that is, a half-human, half-cyborg superwoman, supposedly on a mission to stop evil or whatever. Right, because that s every hairdresser s dream. Like, I ve got a beauty salon to run?

But it turns out that being able to run faster than a Ford Mustang also means people expect you to do selfless things, like help out when a bunch of scientists get killed. It would be a total drag, were it not for the fact that the only other cyborg I ve met is also completely gorgeous, smart, funny, and, um, let s just say well enhanced.

And with a partner like that, I guess this super heroine thing might not be so bad after all . . .
Literature & Fiction
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Publication date
5/1/2007 12:00:00 AM
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6/11/2019 8:07:03 AM