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An Unexpected Mother (The Colorado Brides Series Book 4)

Carré White

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Excited about the prospect of seeing her sisters again, Fanny Hoffman embarks on a journey west with her parents, meeting her fianc at Fort Laramie. Mr. Jason Hatch, unfortunately, does not appeal to her at all, but, having promised her hand, she is forced to marry him. In a shocking turn of events, Jason collapses on their wedding night, saving Fanny from an unpleasant encounter.

Thinking that she has escaped the cruel hands of fate, Fanny is reunited with her sisters in Denver City, blissfully unaware that her departed husband had a secret. Five children, varying in ages, had been in his care, and it isn t until Pastor Jack Bailey divulges this bit of information, that Fanny realizes she is now responsible for them.

Embittered and dismayed, she lashes out at the preacher, and the two frequently find themselves at odds, especially after the oldest, Jane, disappears, having run away. Fanny and Jack are united in the quest to find Jane, discovering a surprising attraction. Their love is the bond that will bring this family together.

The Arizona Brides Series will be available later this summer.
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11/14/2013 12:00:00 AM
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