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Skull Wave (A Troy Bodean Tropical Thriller Book 5)

David F. Berens

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Two severed heads are better than one...

TROY BODEAN is back! Who is Troy Bodean? He's something like Magnum P.I. and Jack Reacher all rolled into one.

The quiet little town of Nags Head, North Carolina is being terrorized by a serial killer. His M.O. is the brutal act of cutting off the heads of his victims and leaving them in peculiar places to be discovered.

Meanwhile, Troy is trying his best to keep his head down and work a nice little job at the local fish market when he finds two of these heads... in a lobster cage... tied to his boat! And it all gets worse when his girlfriend's teenaged daughter goes missing and winds up in the hands of the killer.

Will Troy be able to stop the brutal murderer in time to save her?

Get SKULL WAVE NOW to find out!

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Tropical Thrillers Press
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6/26/2018 12:00:00 AM
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5/15/2019 4:07:07 PM