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Dark Place to Hide

A J Waines

4.1 (206 reviews)
Clara is only seven. She loves hiding in secluded places.

About to break the news to his wife, Diane, that he s infertile, criminology expert, Harper Penn, gets a call to say she s been rushed to hospital with a miscarriage. Five days later, when Diane fails to return from the village shop, police think she must have taken off with a secret lover, but Harper is convinced the online messages are not from her.

In the same Hampshire village, plucky seven-year-old Clara has retreated into a make-believe world after an accident. Then she, too, goes missing.

As Harper sets out on a desperate quest to find them both, he has no idea what he s up against. Could the threat be closer than he thinks? And is there a hidden message in Clara s fairy tales?

DARK PLACE TO HIDE is a chilling psychological mystery with a cold-blooded abductor lurking at the core.

Praise for AJ Waines' books:

'...AJ Waines has become a firm favourite author for me in terms of psych-thrillers that mess with my head. It doesn t matter how much I think I know she always knocks me for six! Crime Book Junkie book reviews

'Absolutely brilliantly written. I loved the interweaving timeline, intricate character relationships, and the pace at which Dark Place to Hide revealed itself.' Goodreads reviewer

'Her tightly plotted psychological thrillers remind me of the novels of Peter James.' Daniel Clay, (author of Broken, an Amazon Top 10 debut novel, 2008)

'Wow! I have never read any novels by this author, but that is now going to change! Dark Place to Hide is a very clever and thought provoking story that pulls at you from all angles.' Goodreads reviewer

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7/30/2015 12:00:00 AM
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