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Crimzon and Clover - Collection One (Stories 1-5) (Crimzon and Clover Collection)

M. R. Mathias

4.1 (111 reviews)
Before the Dragoneers, there were Crimzon and Clover. If you liked the International Bestselling Saga of the Dragoneers, then you have met Crimzon already. Before the old red dragon came around to help those young heroes, he and his own rider, a fiery red haired warrior named Clover, considered the whole world to be their playground.

It isn't wise to mess with a girl with a dragon, especially these two.

This is a collection of the Crimzon and Clover Short Stories to date.
This Kindle Book includes:

Crimzon and Clover One - Orphaned Dragon - Lucky Girl,
Crimzon and Clover Two - Tricky Wizard,
Crimzon and Clover Three - The Grog,
Crimzon and Clover Four - Wrath of Crimzon, and
Crimzon and Clover Five - Killer of Giants
The First Dragoneer - A Dragoneer Saga Novella.
Literature & Fiction
Number of pages
Publication date
11/11/2013 12:00:00 AM
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7/12/2018 12:07:06 AM