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Fat Man Blues: A Hard-Boiled and Humorous Mystery (The Tubby Dubonnet Series Book 9)

Tony Dunbar

4.1 (326 reviews)

KEEP YOUR HEAD ON YOUR SHOULDERS, the lawyer counseled his client the axe murderer. The literary equivalent of a film noir fast, tough, tense, and darkly funny -Los Angeles Times Book Review

Along with a deeper descent into New Orleans menacing underworld, this NINTH installment in Tony Dunbar s humorous, hard-boiled Tubby Dubonnet mystery series brings new restaurants to try, a new assortment of colorful characters, beguiling courtroom scenes, and yes! steamy shower sex.

Ex-con Angelo Spooner is trying to start a legit business, but he just can t catch a break. Just as his healing Holy Water, Angelo s Elixir is about to go upscale, the sticky strands of the Big Sleazy s tangled web of crime and corruption reach out to ensnare him. What s a law-abiding parolee to do? He can t get caught with a gun, but maybe that axe in his shed could help him extricate himself. But when low-level creep Frenchy Dufour s henchman turns up nearly beheaded, Angelo s fate rests in the capable hands of laid-back lawyer Tubby Dubonnet.

Tubby s been trying hard to lay low, too. As those closest to him are targeted by frightening attacks, he suspects his dealings with the clandestine society of Cuban exiles who ve plagued him lately are far from over. Tubby would love to have nothing further to do with that crazy band of geriatric lunatics . But the old Cuban revolutionaries have taught their sons well. Now their grandchildren, heirs to a substantial cache of weapons and money, burn with a dangerous zeal to prove themselves.

Meanwhile a man s got to eat! The epicurean counselor does his best thinking when he s well-fed. Our good luck! as we vicariously sample our way across New Orleans culinary panorama on the hunt for an axe murderer. But sleuth does not live by bread alone even in a Tony Dunbar legal thriller. Ignoring his own advice to his client to keep your head on your shoulders , Tubby s lost his to the lovely Peggy O Flarity. It s about time Tubby had some steamy sex and maybe a little happiness? But fortune teller Sister Soulace has her doubts.

Dunbar catches the rich, dark spirit of New Orleans better than anyone.
--Publishers Weekly

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Number of pages
Publication date
8/11/2016 12:00:00 AM
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7/11/2018 8:07:12 AM