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Forget Me Knot: A Garden Girls Cozy Mysteries Book (Garden Girls Christian Cozy Mystery Series 13)

Hope Callaghan

4.8 (112 reviews)
If you like clean cozy mysteries that keep you guessing until the end, you ll love the Garden Girls Cozy Mystery Series

Forget Me Knot is Book 13 in the Garden Girls Cozy Mysteries Series


When Belhaven, Michigan businessman, Brian Sellers, goes into a coma after being hit in the head during a robbery, friends and family rally by his side, not knowing if he will survive.

His fianc e, Andrea Malone, is thankful he s alive but her joy soon turns to heartbreak once she realizes Brian doesn t remember her or their loving relationship.

Seeing their friend s pain, Gloria Rutherford-Kennedy and the Garden Girls come up with a crazy plan to help save the day.

Things go from bad to hilariously worse when two of the women compete to see whose forget-me-not homemade concoction can bring back Brian s memory faster.

With the cold-blooded robber still on the loose, will the girls be able to jar Brian s memory and save the wedding or will Andrea lose the love of her life?

The Garden Girls Cozy Mystery Series contains no foul language, sex, or gore...Just clean, cozy mysteries!"

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Literature & Fiction
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5/30/2016 12:00:00 AM
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7/11/2018 4:07:07 AM