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Worth The Price (Worth Series Book 5): A Copper Country Romance (The Worth Series)

Mara Jacobs

4.3 (32 reviews)
Book 5 in the New York Times bestselling Worth Series
Can Love Grow Again?
Liv Beck loved her husband desperately, but that wasn t enough to keep him. A failed marriage has taught her what s important, and how to get what she wants. Unfortunately, she ll need her ex-husband s help to get it.

Twain Beck has dealt with the guilt of his divorce for seven years. Now he can finally make it up to Liv by giving her the one thing she wants most. But is the price too high?

Spending time together reminds Liv how much she always loved Twain, but she knows she needs to protect her heart this time. Twain can t understand these new feelings he s developing for Liv. Could he be falling in love with his ex-wife?
Is trying again Worth The Price?

This book contains 2-3 fairly graphic love scenes and the F-bomb is detonated once or twice. If it was a movie, it would be rated R.

The Worth Series thus far:
1. Worth the Weight (Lizzie and Finn)
2. Worth the Drive (Katie and Dario
3. Worth the Fall (Alison and Petey)
4. Worth the Effort (Deni and Sawyer)
4.5 Totally Worth Christmas - novella (Phoebe and Charlie)
5. Worth The Price (Liv and Twain)
6. Worth The Lies (Kelsey and Huck)
7. Worth The Flight (Jess and Zeke)
Copper Country Press, LLC
Number of pages
Publication date
8/30/2015 12:00:00 AM
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6/12/2018 12:07:13 AM