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Hot as Hades (Four Horsemen MC Book 2)

Cynthia Rayne

4.5 (86 reviews)
Family matters.
Ex-Marine Daisy is going undercover, by uncovering it all.Every night the pretty blonde wraps herself around a pole in a club owned by the Raptors MC. The bikers are involved in her sister's disappearance. One lap dance at a time, Daisy gets closer to finding Rose until a big, muscular obstacle steps in her way.

Former rodeo star,Cowboy, is posing as a customer. His MC intends to bring the rival MC down. But when Cowboy gets up close and real personal with Daisy, he finds himself falling for her and he swore to never love again. She's on a mission that threatens her life, unless he can protect her, even from herself.
Snippy and Snarky Ink
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9/5/2014 12:00:00 AM
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6/11/2018 8:07:04 PM