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The Executioner's Heir: A Novel of Eighteenth-Century France

Susanne Alleyn

4.2 (22 reviews)
Charles-Henri Sanson has good looks, a fine education, and plenty of money: everything that a stylish young Parisian could ask for. He also has an infamous family name and he s trapped in a hideous job that no one wants.

The last thing Charles ever wanted to be was a hangman. But he s the eldest son of Paris s most dreaded public official, and in the 1750s, after centuries of superstition, people like him are outcasts. He knows that the executioner s son must become an executioner himself or starve, for society s fears and prejudices will never let him be anything else. And when disaster strikes, in this true story of destiny and conflicting loyalties in decadent, treacherous pre-revolutionary France, family duty demands that Charles take his father s place much sooner than he had ever imagined.

FYI: Though it shares some historical characters with the Aristide Ravel mystery series, this is a stand-alone, non-mystery historical novel and not part of the Ravel series.
Spyderwort Press
Number of pages
Publication date
8/25/2013 12:00:00 AM
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4/16/2018 4:07:15 PM