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Oceans Apart 5: A British Billionaire Romance

Amanda Heartley

4.6 (52 reviews)
He's in London... She's in L.A.
How do you hold on to love when you're 5,000 miles apart?
Tristan s now head honcho at Armstrong International and he s not taking to life behind a desk too well. He misses the machinery, his crews, and the mud but most of all he misses his curvy girl, Ginny,... 5,000 miles away in L.A.... again.

She has her own problems with her douchebag ex, but doesn t want to worry her man while he's under such stress, so she keeps them on her side of the pond. Throw a wild child BFF like Kari into the mix and sparks are gonna fly! Can she help stop Brad before things go too far?

Next stop, London, England for the wedding of the year, and when friends and family collide, all hell breaks loose at the Armstrong mansion. Tristan s heartstrings are tugged by family obligations once more, but he knows what he wants and nothing is going to stand in his way.

The Oceans Apart series is a flirty, sexy and often funny read. A British bad boy romance with no cheating and a happy-ever-after. I hope you enjoy it!

Cheeky Books Ltd
Number of pages
Publication date
1/8/2017 12:00:00 AM
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4/16/2018 12:07:04 PM