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Glitter on the Web

Ginger Voight

4.4 (15 reviews)
After Eli Blake s viral video Big Girl/Big Heart shoots him right to the top of the charts, he rises to fame shamelessly tapping into this niche. Because of his striking good looks, all his faithful groupies want desperately to believe every word he sings, like he s not another run-of-the-mill superficial jerk.

One little wrinkle. He totally is.

After a vindictive ex goes public that he secretly hates fat chicks, Eli must find a full-figured decoy pronto. Obviously the only way to save his rocketing career before it collapses under the weight of one lie is telling an even bigger one. Enter voluptuous Carly Reynolds, his agent s assistant, who knows what kind of arrogant fake he is and can t stand him as a result.

Still, a girl s gotta eat, and it s not every day you get a million bucks for telling one teeny tiny fib. Surely she can handle this lying, philandering opportunist for a year. It's not like she'll actually fall for the guy.

Or will she?

In GLITTER ON THE WEB, Ginger Voight returns her readers to the fabulous world of the rich and the famous, with all the delicious complications that entails. One ordinary girl is forced to go for broke and risk it all, and maybe just maybe find something real in one beautifully tangled web of deception.
Ivy Lane Media, LLC
Number of pages
Publication date
5/10/2016 12:00:00 AM
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2/13/2018 8:07:11 PM