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On Christmas Hill (A Seasonal Affair) (Affair Series Book 2)

Faith Mortimer

4.6 (29 reviews)
On Christmas Hill - A holiday romance from Faith Mortimer (Author of the Best Selling "Diana Rivers Mysteries").

It is a few weeks before Christmas and everyone except Catherine seems to be gearing up for the big day with excitement.

Catherine is a single mum, struggling to bring up her five year old daughter, she has little time for romance, and when she learns she has lost her job and her flat is deemed inhabitable, she wonders just what else life is about to fling at her.

Where or to whom can she turn to for help? Kismet in the shape of handsome, bachelor, Jack Darcy aka Father Christmas is at hand. But can she trust the handsome stranger who seems to know a lot about her private life, and why does he introduce her to his favourite place up on Christmas Hill?

When Catherine finds a forty year old letter hidden in a village post office and seeks to reunite the letter with the addressee, little does she know what part she will play in the affair or how circumstances change her very existence. Her own ideas of weddings and being a bride seem remote. When will she find that perfect love which so far has eluded her?

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