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Triorion: Abomination (Triorion: The Series Book 2)

L. J. Hachmeister

4.8 (18 reviews)
"Triorion: Abomination," the second book in the series, picks up at the end of the devastating war that has left millions of Sentients displaced and entire worlds obliterated. Torn between her duties as a military leader and fulfilling her promises to her siblings, seven-year-old Jetta finds herself succumbing to a dark voice that grows louder each day. The siblings, once inseparable, face new enemies as the true source of their talents emerge and threatens to tear them--and the galaxy--apart.

Not your standard Sci Fi, the Triorion series will transport you into the triplets gritty world as they make impossible decisions while learning who they really are and try to save the galaxy while they re at it. J. A. Campbell, author of the Clanless series
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Source 7 Productions, LLC
Number of pages
Publication date
3/1/2013 12:00:00 AM
Date last checked
2/13/2018 4:07:07 PM