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Unfinished Business (A Malone Mystery Book 2)

Patricia Gligor

4.6 (20 reviews)
The Second Book in The Malone Mystery Series

The Westwood Strangler is dead. Or so everyone believes.

Ann Kern is busy preparing for her favorite holiday. She s especially looking forward to her sister s annual Christmas visit. But, several things threaten to ruin her festive mood.

The National Weather Service issues a severe winter storm warning for the Cincinnati area, predicting blizzard conditions, and Ann worries that her sister and her new boyfriend won t be able to make the drive from South Carolina.

Then, a woman is found strangled in Ann s neighborhood and everyone, including the police, assumes it s the work of a copycat killer. However, when two more women are murdered in their homes, the police announce their conviction that the Westwood Strangler is responsible.

When Ann hears the news, the sense of safety and security she s worked so hard to recapture since her attack on Halloween night, shatters. If the intruder who died in her apartment wasn t the Westwood Strangler, who is? And, who will be the next victim?


"Unfinished Business by Patricia Gligor is an intricately weaved story involving the return of a serial killer who was presumed dead and he s just in time for Christmas. Will Ann be his next victim or can he be stopped? Check your doors to be sure they re locked before beginning this journey. You ll be glad you did. I highly recommend this new novel of suspense."

Marja McGraw Author of The Bogey Man Mysteries and The Sandi Webster Mysteries

"After a chilling prologue, Patricia Gligor reveals that most of the people protagonist Ann Kern comes in contact with have problems Unfinished Business serious enough that anyone could be the serial killer known as the Westwood Strangler. And he, or she, is looking for the eighth victim. This second Gligor book is another winner."

- James R. Callan Author of The Sweet Adelines Mysteries and The Father Frank Mysteries

"UNFINISHED BUSINESS by Patricia Gligor is everything a mystery novel should be, with an intriguing plot, diverse suspects, and tantalizing twists. Gligor excels at developing the intertwining relationships of characters and has a gift for establishing setting and sense of place, bringing the audience into the book. Readers will know these characters and feel like they re right there with them through it all. A great read."

Holli Castillo - Author of Gumbo Justice and Jambalaya Justice

Post Mortem Press
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11/15/2012 12:00:00 AM
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