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Sanctuary: Among Monsters (The Outlaw Book 3)

A.L. Janney

4.7 (69 reviews)
Praise for the Outlaw series
"...a Los Angeles crimefighter, whose own body his both his salvation and destruction....Janney's pacing is excellent, as are the action sequences." - Kirkus Reviews

Los Angeles smolders within the clutches of The Chemist, a madman determined to harness and control the ancient Infected. Around his besieged Sanctuary, powerful allies and enemies gather and clash and rage, and the mighty American military can only lick its wounds.

Against the maelstrom stands the Outlaw, fuming and waiting for the right moment to counter-strike. The country holds its breath and hopes in the mysterious vigilante, a boy who would sacrifice it all for the love of the girl down the street.

Book Three of the science fiction (ish), urban fantasy (eh), super hero (sort of), paranormal (meh, not really), romantic (yes), loss of innocence (kinda), must-read (definitely) young adult adventurous Outlaw series!
Sparkle Press
Number of pages
Publication date
12/8/2015 12:00:00 AM
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2/12/2018 8:07:09 PM