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Macbeth: A Highlander Romance (The Ghosts of Culloden Moor Book 10)

L.L. Muir

4.5 (52 reviews)
His name is all he has...
Along with the rest of Culloden s 79, Macbeth is being forced to move on to the next life. But with a small, angry army waiting for him inside the gates of the hereafter, he s got more reason than most to stay a ghost. Sadly, that's not an option. And if he can't resist the distraction of a tempestuous American lass, he ll miss his final chance to redeem his name before the inevitable fight.

As if Catherine didn t have enough to worry about, she s attracted the attention of a hot-but-crazy guy who thinks he s "The Highlander." Luckily for her, she is allergic to all things Scottish, so her heart is in no danger. Unfortunately, he thinks the best thing to do with his weekend is to barge into her life and endanger her grandpa s delicate state of mind. If all else fails, she'll try killing him with kindness.
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Lesli Muir Lytle
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10/23/2015 12:00:00 AM
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11/14/2017 4:07:05 PM