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Lachlan: A Highlander Romance (The Ghosts of Culloden Moor Book 2)

L.L. Muir

4.4 (110 reviews)
First in line, first in love...
The ghost of Lachlan McLean is the first to accept the Muir Witch's dare. After a quick act of bravery, he'll be free to exact his revenge. But plans go amiss when a certain lass refuses to be saved.

It s not just Harper s trust fund that s in danger it s her life. Her despicable stepfather only has to keep her alive until he gets control of her money, and he s happy to kill anyone who tries to aid her. So she s on the run and determined to stay on her own so no one else has to die. But a lunatic in a kilt decides she needs a hero, and he s not easy to ditch.

If Harper can t convince the Scot he's a liability, she ll be planting another bodyguard in the ground. And if Lachlan can t get the woman to stand back and let him fight the Highland way which he couldn t do at Culloden he ll have haunted the battlefield for two hundred seventy years for nothing.

(Read THE GATHERING first to avoid spoilers.)

JAMIE is next.

The Reckoning, Number 79 s story, will be released when the series is complete.

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7/8/2015 12:00:00 AM
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