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D.W. Ulsterman

3.8 (30 reviews)
"FANTASTIC - a Tour de Force!" -Hercy A. Lord/Literate Lady/ "Romance,Mystery & Action, this series has it all!" - Macy Marks / 2017 EDITION: Get the ENTIRE four-novel Bennington P.I. series for ONE LOW PRICE!!!My name s Frank Bennington. Washington D.C. is my town. It s a dirty, filthy, backstabbing, and utterly corrupt place. Some people call that a problem. I call it home."

o says longtime D.C. politico turned private investigator Frank Bennington in this mystery detective collection that allows readers to download all four Bennington P.I. murder mystery novels for one low price. SAVE UP TO 50% over downloading each title separately!

-The Second Oldest Profession (Introduction to Frank Bennington)


-BENNINGTON P.I. "Take Two and Call Me in the Morgue"

-BENNINGTON P.I. "Illuminati"

READERS LOVE THE FRANK BENNINGTON PRIVATE DETECTIVE SERIES:"Once again Frank Bennington lives and breathes, opening my eyes to current events to be researched. Every book D.W. Ulsterman pens is a joy to read with characters who become old friends." -Laughloud"FANTASTIC - a Tour de Force!" -Hercy A. Lord/Literate Lady"In his own unique way Bennington fights against absolute power abuses and is one of the best anti-heroes to come around in a very long time. A fascinating noir detective mystery series that starts as a political romance and then takes you into a darker paranormal place you didn't expect to find yourself going but it's great when you get there. A fun series to read."--Ben Torres"Ulsterman is giving us all the pieces to a great epic. Just like we are seeing greater depth provided Bennington, his other books are giving us the background on all of the other characters to pull this epic together. I tip my hat to a man with a giant imagination; I just hope he can continue to pull it all together." -Mustang 827"One of the best private detective collections available. Loved it." -Like A Fine Wine Reviews MORE READER FEEDBACK FOR THE AMAZON BEST SELLING BENNINGTON P.I. MURDER MYSTERY SERIES:

."...top notch murder mystery thrillers with plenty of suspense and even some paranormal elements later on..."

"...Bennington P.I. is a good old fashioned and highly entertaining noir private detective..."

"...offers the reader a political thriller styled murder mystery with lots of suspense, action, and some romance..."

"...thrilling private detective mysteries..."

"...a solid PI political suspense thriller"

"...really enjoyed this private detective series. Lots of action and suspense and some murder mystery who done its..."

"...A great private detective mystery..."

"Nice political thriller..."

"...this murder mystery series gets better and better with each volume. Political thriller meets the paranormal. Loved it..."

"...a private detective author to watch..."

"part private detective part political thriller with plenty of suspense. Good collection of stories..."

"..enjoyed this private detective collection..."

"...good murder mystery books..."

"...my first DW Ulsterman murder mystery. Won't be my last..."

"...got this at a great price. Solid political suspense noir murder mystery collection..."

"...a new favorite murder mystery author. Cracking good PI novel..."

"...very interesting private detective collection..."

"...stories offer murder, mystery, action. suspense, and great dialogue..."

"...a smart and hip collection of political thriller murder mystery stories..."

"...liked the paranormal plot in the last of this murder mystery series..."

"...fun private detective murder mystery..."

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
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3/14/2014 12:00:00 AM
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11/14/2017 8:07:02 AM