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Summer Shift: A Novel

Lynn Kiele Bonasia

3.9 (23 reviews)
Forty-four-year-old Cape Cod clam bar owner Mary Hopkins is stuck in the cycle of her seasonal business; overwhelmed by the relentless influx of new names and fresh young faces, she feels as if life is passing her by.

In the first days of the summer season, a young waitress s tragic accident stirs up unresolved pain from Mary s past, leaving her longing for connection. At the same time, Mary s life is further upended as she begins to suspect her beloved great-aunt, the one person in the world who loves her unconditionally, is descending into Alzheimer s disease. Then, in walks Dan, a lost love perhaps the greatest of her life returning to the Cape after disappearing years before without an explanation. As Mary faces these challenges and losses, it s her rekindled romance with Dan and her burgeoning unlikely friendships with a warm, eccentric collection of local characters that keep her afloat.

Set against the backdrop of Cape Cod sand, sun, and seafood, Summer Shift is the story of a woman s struggle to find the peace, love, and human connection that have eluded her for decades.
Number of pages
Publication date
5/5/2010 12:00:00 AM
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11/13/2017 8:07:20 PM