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The Fall of America: Fallout (Book 5)

W.R. Benton

4.2 (11 reviews)
The line has been crossed...
First they used chemical weapons on the Americans, then the Russians set off a tactical nuclear bomb in an effort to destroy a suitcase nuke captured by the rebels. Deadly radioactive fallout now adds to the already fierce battle to reclaim the U.S.A. and the partisans have even less to lose. Now the rebels must decide whether to strike back in kind An eye for an eye?

In what may be a one-way mission, John's partisan team volunteers to pick up the gauntlet. Armed with a stolen suitcase nuke, the partisans try to carry the device deep inside enemy controlled land to reach the target. They don't realize that to strike the Russian's hardest they'll need to vaporize thousands of captured Americans to do it... Is this something he can do for the cause..? With a clear conscience..and then live with the consequences? Book 5: Fallout will take you to the edge of guerrilla warfare at its ugliest and most brutal yet.
Loose Cannon Ent.
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Publication date
5/12/2016 12:00:00 AM
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7/17/2017 8:07:12 AM