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Born for Thorton's Sake

Marcia Lynn McClure

4.3 (30 reviews)
Maria Castillo Holt, the only daughter of a valiant lord and his Spanish beauty. Following the tragic deaths of her parents, Maria would find herself spirited away by conniving relatives to endure neglect and misery.

However, rescued at the age of thirteen by Brockton Thorton, the son of her father s devoted friend Lord Richard Thorton, Maria would at last find blessed reprieve. Further, Brockton Thorton became, from that day forth, ever the absolute center of Maria s very existence. And as the blessed day of her sixteenth birthday dawned, Maria s dreams of owning her heart s desire seemed to become a blissful reality.

Yet a fiendish plotting intruded, and Maria s hopes of realized dreams were locked away within dark, impenetrable walls. Would Maria s dreams of life with the handsome and coveted Brockton Thorton die at the hands of a demon strength?

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12/11/2010 12:00:00 AM
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