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The Stubborn Lord: Dragon-Shifter Romance (Dragon Lords Book 6)

Michelle M. Pillow

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Paranormal Dragonshifter Romance

Kendall Haven s life turns upside down when she s kidnapped off her fueling dock home by thugs claiming to have the right. Her father, the gambler, used her to cover his losses at the Larceny Casino Ship. Drugged and treated like cargo, she s sold to the highest bidder Galaxy Brides Corporation.

Landing on a primitive planet on the far edge of the universe, she has no intention of fulfilling her father s contract even if that contract includes marriage to a very handsome, very sexy, very intense barbarian of a man. He might be everything a woman fantasizes about, but he wants a little more than she can give.

Dragon-shifter Lord Alek has not been lucky in finding his life mate. Resigned to a lonely life, he attends the bridal ceremony out of familial duty. Then the impossible happens Kendall. Nothing goes according to tradition, but he can t let that dissuade him. She is his only chance at happiness, and no matter how she protests, he s not going to let her get away.

Warning: The book contains a hard-headed sexy alpha male who will win his chosen woman at any cost and an even harder-headed woman who won't make his task easy.
The Raven Books
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2/20/2013 12:00:00 AM
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