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Stuart Land

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(Formerly known as Epiphany.)

Doctor Sam Enright and his geneticist wife, Dorinda, face turmoil in their small town when a dozen adolescent girls show up pregnant at Sam s office and they re all virgins. When their own daughter falls victim to the same fate, the Enrights search for answers. As the questions multiply, they realize they are at the vanguard of a worldwide epidemic, and the mystery deepens. As events escalate, a disparate group of international doctors, scientists, and mothers-to-be are brought together at Dorinda s genetics lab in Middle America. They race to find the cause and meaning of the mysterious pregnancies, but every discovery reveals a new, worse scenario, leaving humanity's very existence in question.

5 stars - EPIPHANY, STUART LAND's latest novel is a masterpiece! A very realistic plot with finely developed and real characters; an international mystery of prepubescent girls becoming pregnant that could mean the end of Human Beings...A medical mystery that seems impossible to happen and hopeless to solve...this is a finely-sculpted conglomeration of words. You will not put this book down until you've read the very last word.
J. D. Michael Phelps (Miami, Florida)

5 stars - (EPIPHANY) grabbed my attention & held me hostage from the first page...assumptions I made throughout the story were mostly wrong & based on books I thought similar but weren't, as this is in a category by itself. Only after finishing did I realize how well the pieces fit together & how beautiful the ending was. I will have to read again to catch all the bits I missed from rushing to see what happens next.
Jamaica Me Crazy "Janie" (Clearwater, fl)
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
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1/1/2014 12:00:00 AM
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4/20/2017 8:07:03 AM