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Destroyer (Rewinder Series Book 2)

Brett Battles

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With the whole of human history altered, Denny Younger may be the last rewinder in existence and the last person on earth with a chaser unit capable of time travel. While caring for his ailing sister, Denny must discover a way to recharge his device before he s left with no defense against a past that wants him dead.

Before long, Denny notices a mysterious stranger following him keeping tabs on Denny, his family, and his friends. Is Denny just paranoid? Or maybe he isn t alone in this new reality after all

When his chaser is stolen and his girlfriend is kidnapped, Denny risks everything to get both of them back. Launched into a high-stakes chase that spans continents and millennia, Denny s responsibility to save our future isn t over yet. It will take all of his cunning to stop a threat capable of steering the fate of the human race into disaster.

Literature & Fiction
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1/12/2016 12:00:00 AM
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3/20/2017 4:07:05 PM