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Reversion (The Narrows of Time Series Book 3)

Jay J. Falconer

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Amazon 2015 Kindle Scout Winning Book

Can One Man Restore The Future?

Physicist Lucas Ramsay travels back in time to correct mistakes that have cost billions of lives, but runs into a new problem when his incursion pulls in hundreds of copies of himself from parallel universes.

Now his planned reversion is infinitely more complex as he's forced to do battle with evil versions of himself, some of whom want to craft a timeline more beneficial to their universe, but horrific to all the others, including Earth's.

Will Lucas be able to unscramble the paradoxes spreading across the multiverse before it's too late, or will he become yet another victim of his own past?

Book 3 in the Narrows of Time Series

Reading Order for the Narrows of Time Series
Book 1: Linkage: ASIN: B0066AL1K6
Book 2: Incursion: ASIN: B00JYK6UP6
Book 3: Reversion: ASIN: B01864OFT8
Kindle Press
Number of pages
Publication date
1/19/2016 12:00:00 AM
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3/20/2017 12:07:07 PM