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Amanda's Guide to Love (La Bohème)

Alix Nichols

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A modern, sexy take on Taming of the Shrew... Parisian career woman Amanda Roussel lives in denial of her desperate loneliness. Gypsy gambler Kes Moreno knows he's in trouble when he falls for Amanda after a one-night stand. Can he convince the snarky belle they're right for each other?

Set in France, this joyous romp will delight fans of romantic comedy.

"This book had it all. Comedy, romance, great plot. I didn't want to put it down." -- Amazon Reviewer
"This was a LOL funny story and I couldn't put it down." -- Goodreads Reviewer
"Wow! This is a hot hot hot book! I enjoyed it from start to finish." -- Goodreads Reviewer
"This lovely, funny, genuine book brings you two of the most charming characters I've read about in a long time." -- Amazon Reviewer"Amanda's Guide to Love is beyond good." -- Amazon Reviewer
"The chemistry between Amanda and Kes jumps off the page." -- Amazon Reviewer
"I caught myself laughing right out loud." -- Goodreads Reviewer
"A delightful tale of a snarky woman with missing filters on her "viper tongue". ... Although this book is part of a series, I never felt I had missed details in previous stories. The tale was told fully within the volume." -- Amazon Reviewer
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2/9/2016 12:00:00 AM
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