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Tough and Tender

Dez Burke

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Looking for race car driver Shane Davis in a modern day Beauty and the Beast romance? Find him in Skin Deep Book #5. How about drop dead gorgeous JORDAN, the investment banker mistaken for a male escort? Find him in GENTS 4 LADIES, Book #6. Find Lawyer By Day-Bad Boy Biker By Night FLINT MASON in SAFE HOUSE, Book #1.

Pick your pleasure! Bad boy bikers, race car drivers, billionaires or marines? Why should you have to choose only one when you can have ten?

Contained inside this box set:
1. Safe House (Flint)-Lawyer by day, bad boy biker and VP of the Steel Infidels MC by night.
2. Liberated (Flint)-Lawyer by day, bad boy biker by night.
3. Steel Justice (Jesse)- Trish needed to run away in the middle of the night. All she needed was someone to protect her. All bad boy biker Jesse needed was a soft place to fall.
4. Thunderclap (Sam)-I admit it. I'm a player. I adore women and they love me.I've never met a woman that I couldn't wrap around my body with only a smile and a sexy wink. Until Lila blew into town. Now my tricks aren't working.
5. Skin Deep (Stock car racing champion Shane Davis)-Beauty is only skin deep, so are scars. Badly burned in a flaming car wreck Shane believes no woman could ever love him again. Not with the way he looks now.
6. Gents 4 Ladies (JORDAN)-When an investment bank is mistaken for a male escort he decides to play along until things get out of hand.
7. Trapped Into Marriage (BILLIONAIRE NICK VITALE) Blackmailed into marriage to the rich and gorgeous, Nick Vitale, Keyonna is determined to teach him a thing or two about love which he so despises.
8. Claimed by the Marine (Hawk Malone)-Care to dance with Hawk Malone? A handsome Marine home on leave.
9. Captured by the Bodyguard (Cane Hutchinson)-Babysitting a billionaire's rich daughter was the last thing bodyguard Cane wanted to do.
10. Burned by Passion (Billionaire Blake Carter)-Even good girls make mistakes. Blake was too much man for any woman to resist.
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12/24/2015 12:00:00 AM
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