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Jessica McBrayer

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Top 100 Amazon series.

Thorn works after dark. That s when she combines her gifts as a tattoo artist and her powers as a natural born witch to weave magick into her ink. Her tattoo parlor, Stained, on Berkeley s quirky Telegraph Avenue draws clients from all walks of life. Her work is in high demand from the supernatural community and the undead.

With her raven familiar, Thorn s been on the run all her adult life. She won t talk
about why. Only she knows of the horrors in her past. She only wants to practice her art of tattooing in peace. But when a murderer targets her clients, S , a tall, dark and Irish detective is assigned to investigate. They must trust each other to survive the cat and mouse game that ensues.
Literature & Fiction
Mess of Geckos
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1/14/2014 12:00:00 AM
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3/19/2017 8:07:04 PM