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EverMage - The Complete Series: A Fantasy Novel

Trip Ellington

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The Complete EverMage Series in One Bundle!

As a wizard s apprentice, Mithris always seemed to feel like a duck out of water. Clumsy, awkward, naive, and frequently a nuisance to his mentor wizard, it was hard for Mithris to believe he d ever become a great and powerful wielder of magic...

But everything changed for the young apprentice one day when vicious and foul creatures attacked his master s tower, killing his mentor, and driving Mithris into exile in the wild world outside.

Alone and left to care for himself for the first time in his life, Mithris must find the strength and courage to become the very thing he never expected he could be...A powerful wizard...

And he must do it in time to stop the monsters, avenge his master s death, and save the world from the clutches of a power-hungry wizard.

Length: 80,000 Words
This Bundle Contains:
- EverMage #1: Of Swords and Magic
- EverMage #2: Of Wizards and Men
- EverMage #3: Of Earth and Stone
- EverMage #4: Of Flame and Ash
- EverMage #5: Of Absence and Void
- EverMage #6: The Final Foundation
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Ellington Marketing, LLC
Number of pages
Publication date
11/10/2014 12:00:00 AM
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3/19/2017 4:07:04 PM