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The Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire Series Boxset: Grab all three books in this thrilling series!

A K Michaels

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Now get the entire award winning trilogy in one boxset!
Book 1 Blurb:-
Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy:
A witch on the run, hunted by her father and pursued by two men who desperately want to make her theirs. You know what they say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
Peri is haunted by memories of her father s dark, magical cult, who tortured and imprisoned her throughout her childhood. Even six years after her escape, Peri is still a wanted woman, and is only able to stay alive by tracking criminals as a bounty hunter, constantly on the move and always alone.
Her travels lead her to Las Vegas, where a job turns bad. Wounded, she collapses at the feet of a stunning, ancient vampire named Josef, and gorgeous wolf shifter Gabe. Josef and Gabe tend to Peri s injuries, both of them falling in love with her. Claimed by both the vampire and the werewolf, Peri is caught in the middle.
As the romance unravels, Peri discovers her magic is far more powerful than she realized. Yet her father is searching for her, and Peri doesn t know if she s strong enough to stop him from taking her back. Trapped in a complex love triangle, who will Peri choose? Josef? Gabe? Or perhaps both?

Top-rated Paranormal Romance, if you like your Paranormal Romance scorching hot then this is for you.
Voted Best Paranormal Trilogy at The Paranormal Bookshelf Awards

I just wish I could give this more than the 5 stars. She makes you see, smell and almost taste what is happening. I find this talent very interesting when a writer is able to do so!!! I can not wait to read the next book!! I just want one of each man for my very own! Cynthia Stevens, Kindle Library

I'm addicted to this storyline and i recommend this to anyone that loves paranormal or if you are someone who doesn't usually read paranormal, still go and buy because this book is so worth it. Magic Within The Pages

Book 2 Blurb:-

Peri has finally stopped running and found safety with Gabe and Josef ... her Wolf and her Vampire. Now she is getting strong, physically and magically, and she is ecstatic with her two mates. She is not about to let anyone take that away and she surprises even herself with her power.

However, a psycho sect has been hunting her for over six years, and they are closing in. Her own father is the leader of this sect, but she is more than willing to do whatever she can to take him down. Destroy him for everything he is, everything he does, before he does to others what he did to her.

With an ancient Vampire and a powerful Wolf by her side she just can't fail ... can she?

Book 3 Blurb:-

Peri has finally defeated her own father, the psycho leader of a sect that has plagued her since childhood. Now she looks forward to a life she never thought she d have, in love with both Josef and Gabe.

As the three of them prepare for their future, they become involved in helping their friends Kyle and Sabrina go on the run, tracking down a kidnapped child and advising the supernatural cop Ronan. It s an exciting life for Peri, being the mate of both a Vampire and a Wolf.

Unknown to them, the magical sect has gained a new leader. Even more vicious than her father, it s only a matter of time before this maniac rips apart Peri, Josef and Gabe s world
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1/7/2015 12:00:00 AM
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