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Take a Piece of My Heart (Wavering Hearts Series Book 1)

Diane Rose Duffy

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Kara begins her journey as a youthful innocent woman who marries the town bad boy against her parent s wishes. A James Dean rebel clone THAT GUY . You know the type because we have all had one of those in our past. Am I right? Though her bad choices bring her face-to-face with the dark side of human nature, Kara s heartfelt desire to find a pure and everlasting love give her the courage to take chances.

This is the story of Kara and her quest to find her voice, freedom from her past and her own identity. She is a strong spirited female with a snarky attitude and an often-colorful viewpoint on life. Kara is no Barbie doll (either in build or temperament) and thus, her tale will relate to many female readers.

Take a Piece of My Heart is Kara s journey of love, friendships, romance, lust and loss. She learns slowly that mistrust, love and hatred of some people may require a second chance.

This book will have you laughing out loud one moment and reaching for the tissue box soon after. It is an emotional read which will grab your heart from the first page and not release it until the final page.

NOTE: This is a Stand Alone Novel. Some readers may hesitate to read this book because the synopsis indicates it is about spousal abuse so they assume the book is a depressing read. That is absolutely not the case with Take a Piece of My Heart. This book is focused more on the journey Kara takes after she walks away from her abusive relationship. She married at a young age so she has only been with one man and is naive to the dating scene. The book is actually quite humorous for the most part but does have some moments when tissues may be required.
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10/17/2014 12:00:00 AM
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